Homeschooling during COVID-19

A qualified teacher and mum of three offers advice and information to those struggling to home school during lockdown, including advice on a range of topics - how to structure the day, giving children a choice and how to make learning fun.
Mum with three children sitting on a park bench

Since UK schools have closed and everyone has been advised to “stay home”, families across the UK are facing challenges that no one could’ve expected at the start of the year. Keeping your child’s education on track, managing their disappointment from exams being canceled and avoiding cabin fever as a family are all hurdles that parents are facing at the moment. 

This blog written by Emma Bradley, a parent and teacher has started a blog to help parents who are struggling with homeschooling. 

The blog contains advice on a range of topics; including how to structure the day, how to give children a choice in what they do, how to give teens a sense of purpose, and how to make learning fun. It also includes some essential information and advice on supporting your teen’s mental health during lockdown.

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