Are you an unpaid carer? Register with a GP so you don't miss your COVID-19 vaccine

It's always important to be registered with a GP - but it's particularly important if you're caring for someone vulnerable. If you're not registered, you may not get your COVID-19 vaccination at the right time.
Bristol Area Lead Acomo sitting at a table

Unpaid carers are currently included in priority group 6 for the COVID-19 vaccination - but to receive the vaccination, you must be registered with a GP.

It's important to tell your GP that your a carer when you register. If you're already registered, ask your practice for a carer registration form.

There are lots of benefits of being registered as a carer. For instance, you may be eligible for a free flu jab. They may also be able to be more flexible with appointments, or offer you additional support in your caring role.

How to register with a GP

To register with a GP, you would normally need to fill in a form at a surgery. However, due to COVID-19, surgeries are asking patients not to visit in person.

It's best to contact your local surgery, by phone or email, and ask if they're accepting new patients before you try to register. Their list may be closed to new patients, or you may live outside of their catchment area. If this is the case, try another surgery in your local area.

GPs have been instructed to continue registering new patients despite the pandemic.

To register with a GP, you do not need:

  • a fixed address
  • identification
  • proof of your immigration status

Anyone in England can see a GP. If you have problems registering, you can call 0300 311 2233 or visit

You can also download an digital card with this information on, to refer to when you register with a GP.

To download this card, simply click the pink 'Download' button below.


Digital GP Access Card

Your surgery may have their own registration form, but they may ask you to fill out a GMS1 Family doctor services registration form to email or post back to them.

To download this form, simply click the pink 'Download' button below.


GMS1 Family doctor services registration form

Want to know more about the vaccination process? Our Bristol Area Lead, Acomo (pictured at the top of the page), is a carer in North Somerset. She's registered with a GP, and has already received her vaccination at Ashton Gate Stadium.

Acomo says: "I received the NHS vaccination appointment through a text message prior to attending the vaccination centre."

 "The centre was well organised, and I did not have to wait long.

When I arrived and although I was wearing a mask, I met someone at the door who gave me a medical-grade disposable mask and asked questions to check if I had symptoms or had other vaccinations in recent days."

 "Then I moved to the 2nd desk where they checked my personal details and made sure I was the right person.

After that, I joined a queue where I was given the vaccination information leaflets to read."

 "On another desk, a nurse again asked further questions to check personal details and COVID-19 symptoms before finally receiving the vaccination by teams of medical workers working in pairs."

"I was advised what to do and where to go for support in case I got COVID symptoms or side effects after vaccination."

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