Our purpose is to find out what matters to you. We listen to your views and share them with those who can bring about change.

We have the power to ensure that the government, and those running the services, hear what you think and take action.

If it matters to you, it's likely to matter to someone else too. Your views could make all the difference to your care and the care of others.

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Whether your feedback is positive or negative, let Healthwatch be the champion of your needs. Your story of care could make a positive different to others.
— Vicky Marriott, Area Manager

Everyone who uses health and social care services has the right to expect a high standard. In order to help those organisations achieve these standards, we need your help. We need your feedback.

We anonymise your feedback and provide it to the services you talk about so they can get a clear picture of the patient experience. Whether your feedback is positive or negative the services need to know what they are doing well and what needs improving.

You can review as many local services as you like, and if you use a service more than once we would love to hear from you each time you visit. We can’t do this without you – Share your views with us. 

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