Mental Health awareness day

A young people’s positive mental health day was held at the college in partnership with Healthwatch North Somerset on Monday.
Young girl holding a sign

Students from the college’s health and social care course have to complete a promotion as part of their qualification and this year the focus was on mental health.

Community engagement officer at Healthwatch, Tamar Sutton, said: “The event went really well, it was really buzzing and positive. The students did their health promotions which were fantastic, and we had all the outside organisations too.

“The event was largely about people knowing, if they are suffering, where they can get help or, if they know someone who is suffering, where they can go.

“In a very small way we were trying to break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

“It is still a taboo subject but one in four people suffer at some point in their lives and for young people particularly it’s very hard to find some sort of support.”

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