Mental Health support in North Somerset

The 1 in 4 Community Mental Health Recovery Centre has started new drop-in sessions following appeals from the public. The charity is also helping to set up a North Somerset Suicide Prevention Group to provide more help to people in crisis.
Woman sat in a waiting room

New sessions for under 35s are being held at the recovery centre in Old Street on Mondays from 1.30-3pm where topics such as dietary disorders, cyber bullying, the use of legal highs and general mental health issues will be targeted.

Women’s drop-ins will be held on Tuesdays from 11am-12.30pm and deal with women’s health, benefits issues and sexual abuse as well as any other topics raised by those attending.

The slot for men from 11am-12.30pm on Thursdays will cover domestic abuse, benefit advice and general mental health issues.

1in4 People also runs a wide range of activities for people to get involved in including low cost counselling, exercise classes, film clubs, advocacy training walking groups, crafts and outings.

Bramwell Tout, the charity’s service manager, said: “The changes we’ve made have been in response to demand from the public.

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