Passport to help vulnerable cope with hospital visits

Carers who assist people with learning disabilities are asked to help make sure their ‘Healthcare Passports’ are up-to-date for any hospital visits during the health pandemic.
hospital passport

During an autism services focus group, Healthwatch learned that some vulnerable patients had experienced acute anxiety attending hospital visits and that staff were not always aware of the Healthcare Passports. This document, which explains about a person's care needs, has recently been updated and we are supporting Sirona's learning disabilities team with raising awareness.

Coronavirus passports

Coronavirus passports are now available to help those who are especially vulnerable during the pandemic. You can download one below.

Healthcare Passports are used alongside a person’s care plan and are designed to provide additional information on likes and dislikes, information on personal care and the amount of physical contact they like and how they like to be spoken to.


Hospital Passport


Covid Hospital Passport
— Learning disability team spokeswoman
As the coronavirus outbreak evolves it is more important than ever to ensure we have the most up- to-date information on people so that we can support them more effectively. These can be completed and kept at home in case of emergency admissions or deterioration in a person’s health.

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