Vaccine research shows positive reaction among Asian communities

Sayd Ahmed from North Somerset Bangladeshi Association has been on a mission to speak to all Asian households in the area to encourage them the Covid vaccine is safe. He told HW he spoke to 2,200 people and they all were in favour of having it.
Sayd Ahmed

Sayd said he had contacted over Bangladeshi, Middle Eastern and African families in the area and he said that many of them were positive about it, despite asking about side affects. He is helping to put on a community vaccination clinic on April 10th at the Weston Islamic Education Centre in Palmer Street.

He said: “It is important to have it and I think the message is getting through. There might be some side effects but there are with paracetamol. People all react to chemicals in a different way. I have heard about people being very tired and even going to bed for a couple of days but that’s it.”

Sayd said there was plenty of help available from the North Somerset Bangladeshi Association and the North Somerset Black and Minority Ethnic Network (BME). He and his wife organise interpreters and will even accompany people to health appointments if they need that assistance.

He said: “Please contact us if you need help to understand health information in different languages. We have a Facebook page, WhatsApp group and website. I am happy to talk to people directly on 07971 443 574.” 

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Selina, who lives in Clevedon, supports her mother who lives nearby and can’t read and understand English very well. She said: “My mother can rely on me to help sift through the information online. She did get confused about some of the information on social media saying there was a vaccine shortage and thought it might mean she didn't need to go to her vaccine appointment but I told her that wasn't the case. My mother translates social media into Bengali but it would help to have more official sources of information in other languages, such as videos to help get important messages across and help stop misinformation spreading."

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