Report on GP Practice Websites

With the internet rapidly becoming an essential resource in most households, websites are of growing importance to our everyday lives.
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In August 2014, Healthwatch North Somerset carried out a review of the websites of GP Practices across the area.  
This research took into consideration important features which make a website accessible and user-friendly. Nowadays, instead of picking up the phone, many patients will seek to clarify any queries they have by searching online. It is, therefore, important for GP Practices to keep their websites up-to-date with relevant information in order for patients to access them with ease.  
The website of a GP Practice may also be considered as an online representation of that particular surgery, and so is expected to be as efficient and reliable as the service they strive to provide. 


To read the full report in to the websites of GP practices please download the PDF below. If you require it in another format please email us

GP Practice Websites - Aug 2014

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