Special Enquiry - Community Stroke Services

Services to stroke patients after discharge is an issue highlighted to Healthwatch North Somerset by local people and on which we have received a large amount of feedback.
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In particular people have advised us that they are concerned about: 

1. The delay between discharge and therapist appointments;  
2. A lack of relevant information provided on discharge when leaving hospital; 
3. A lack of follow up after discharge by local health and social care services. 

Around 150,000 people have a stroke in England each year - a quarter of them are of working age.  

Based on figures provided by North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, in 2014 - 2015, approximately 400 local people were admitted to hospital with a stroke.

The prevalence of stroke in North Somerset is 2.27% (4,855 people) based on the GP registered population. Approximately 230 people were referred on to North Somerset community services in 2014 2015


To read a full list of the resources quoted above and to read our report and findings please download the PDF below. If you require this in another format please email us

Special enquiry into community stroke services April 2015

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