Report - Understanding access to mental health support through school

The evaluation was carried out to explore the current situation for children and young people (CYP) seeking early intervention mental health help through their schools and colleges, and their access to other services outside school.
Young people stood around a desk on a workshop

It contains both quantitative and qualitative findings, from a short survey answered either online or face-to-face at outreach events.

Our report does not represent the experience of all young people just those who answered the questions in the survey and their experience at certain schools.

The findings contribute to part of Healthwatch North Somerset’s priority in 18/19 to report back on the support available in its broadest sense from early intervention Mental Health Services. This fulfills our remit to find out what matters to service users and make sure their views help to shape the support they need.  


To read a full copy of our final report please download below. If you require this in a format different to the PDF supplied please email us

Understanding access to mental health support at school - June 2019

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