Don't bulk buy - advice from pharmacies

Here are some reminders to help ensure everyone has access to the medication they need. The message is: be considerate towards others by not over-ordering medication.
Patients sat waiting in a pharmacy

Advice from Avon Local Pharmaceutical Company is:

  • Don’t bulk order, bulk buy – or order items just in case – it’s important so the most vulnerable people can get what they need
  • Don’t expect to pick up your prescription from the pharmacy for at least 5 to 7 days after ordering
  • Don’t over order medications – e.g. if you are currently receiving medication at monthly intervals, this should continue – if everyone gets six months supply now, there would be a huge supply problem
  • Don’t order medications just in case e.g. inhalers – these should only be requested when there is a clinical need, not as an emergency supply
  • Don’t panic buy over the counter items such as paracetamol.  There will be enough for everyone if people don’t purchase more than they need
  • Don’t bulk buy other items such as soap, hand gel, toilet rolls etc (as above).

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