"A sense of excitement and optimism doing something that matters," Julie's Covid jab story

"Staff at Brockway Medical Centre made me feel what I was doing was important, not just for me but for everyone else," Julie tells us having her vaccine was a very uplifting experience and one she will cherish.
Julie and mum vaccine

Julie says the sense of optimism and anticipation lining up waiting to go in was not unlike the feeling she had while queueing to get Bruce Springsteen concert tickets in the 1980s. As soon as she got inside she could book her second one too. By coincidence, this falls on her birthday - perhaps the greatest gift she could have and the chance to visit her mum soon, whom she hasn't seen since December 2019.

The build-up, the jab and...the side effects.

Arrival at Brockway Medical Centre in Nailsea

“I arrived for my vaccination and was surprised to see a queue of about 40 people snaking back down the road . Everyone smiled which I worked out by eyes crinkling above masks. The queue moved reasonably quickly and was good-natured and there was a real feeling of optimism and excitement as we got ever closer to the entrance, almost but not quite as exciting as queuing for Springsteen tickets in 1984. "

Inside the vaccination centre

"Once inside we confirmed our names and were given the appointment for the second dose – it falls on my birthday - probably the best gift I could have as it will enable me hopefully in June to visit my mum who I have not seen since Christmas 2019. 

It was an oddly emotional experience. Each room was private and two members of staff explained the process, asked questions to ensure I was safe to accept the vaccine.

I had the vaccine standing which I presume means they can get people through quicker as there is no requirement to disinfect the seating. The jab itself was painless, the nurse was efficient and welcoming and I felt like it was quite an occasion."


"Three days afterwards my arm was a little sore, just muscular but I had no side effects other than that, which is surprising for someone very much prone to headaches."

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