Domestic Abuse in North Somerset

Nearly 90 people accessed support for domestic abuse in just one day across North Somerset, a snapshot study has revealed.
graphic showing a group of people including children

The research was carried out by the Domestic Abuse Strategy Group to find out the number of residents accessing services on a typical day and the amount of work done by the agencies supporting them.

Researchers found 87 people contacted agencies in one day for help with domestic abuse. Nine out of ten victims were female and the same proportion of alleged perpetrators were male.

They found three quarters of victims were aged between 19 and 44, and the affected households included a total of 123 children.

Three quarters of victims had reported the abuse to police.

North Somerset Council has been awarded £90,000 in Government funding for a new project to identify ways of supporting victims.

Council executive member for community safety, Felicity Baker, right, said: “People who have experienced domestic abuse will be supported to avoid future abuse, which will enable them to improve their quality of life and long-term prospects.”

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