Website for Chronic Kidney disease

A new website is launched that will help bridge the communication gap between healthcare professionals and patients diagnosed with mild chronic kidney disease (CKD)
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On the website patients can view video clips from interviews with people talking about their experiences of early stage CKD and learn about why kidney performance may begin to decline and who is at risk, how kidney performance is measured and why it is important to check it regularly. Patients can also learn about how people find out that they have early signs of kidney problems, their experiences of having regular check-ups, their information preferences, and the ways in which they try to look after their health.

For health professionals, the website provides an insight into the experiences of people who are being monitored for early signs of kidney problems – what information they have received, what they found helpful and unhelpful, their key questions and concerns, and their views on how monitoring could be made more meaningful to them.
It has been developed by researchers at the universities of Bristol, Oxford, Manchester and University College London together with representatives from the British Kidney Patient Association and the Kidney Patient Guide.

You can read more about it on the University website

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