Struggling to access digital services? Take a look at three new booklets, created to help people use the internet

Alive, a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people and their carers, have published three booklets with the help of Healthwatch North Somerset to help those who struggle with technology access online services.
A woman supporting an older woman to use a tablet

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many health and social care services, such as GP appointments, have moved online. However, not everyone is confident using new technology or the internet. In fact, over 11 million people lack the basic digital skills to use the internet effectively.

Some older people will have gone their whole lives without using modern technology, like laptops, smartphones, and the internet, so it's no surprise that they may find it daunting. That's why Alive, with the support of Healthwatch North Somerset, have created three booklets, all aimed at helping anyone that cares for or knows an older person (or anyone else that is digitally excluded) gain the knowledge and the confidence to help that person use and explore the internet on their own.

The first booklet deals with supporting older people to use technology. You can download it below.


Supporting Older People to use Technology

The second booklet explains how someone can get started with technology. You can download it below.


Getting Started

The third booklet looks at making links, and using technology in your every day life. You can download it below.


Making Links

You can also download the booklets through the Alive resource library, but you will need to fill in a short form.

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