Report: listening and learning from unpaid carers

Unpaid carers told us about the support and services they would like to see included in North Somerset Council's Carers Strategy 2021 - 2024. This report was co-produced with North Somerset Parent Carers Working Together and the Alzheimer's Society.
A woman pushing a young girl in a wheelchair

In general, carers felt they could be valued more, listened to more, and have their experiences and knowledge taken into consideration. There was an overall feeling of exhaustion with little or no down-time amongst carers. 

This research was carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbated the experiences of many carers. We engaged with unpaid carers through focus groups and structured telephone interviews to give them an opportunity about what changes or improvements they would like to see over the next four years.

I would like just an hour or two a week so I can spend time quality time with my other child.
— Parent carer

Everyone we heard from pointed out that many services are not joined up and information is often duplicated. All carers also expressed concern over their financial situation, with many using savings to top up funding for extra care and respite services.

You can download our full report below.


Listening and learning from unpaid carers

With thanks to all the carers that took part in this project, and to the Alzheimer’s Society in North Somerset and North Somerset Parent Carers Working Together.

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